Things always come in threes !

I have been to Amsterdam twice before and I am definitely planning on going back as soon as possible!

Amsterdam is like no other place I have been to. It is called the Venice of the North because of its canals and I think that it is a good comparison (even if I have never been to Venice).

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My first time was in August during the Gay Pride. You probably don’t see the relevance of specifying this but this certainly had an impact on how I feel about this city. In fact, I came to Amsterdam to visit one of my good friends who was doing her internship there. I came to visit her one weekend. A short stay but what a mind-blowing experience !

My friend guided me around the city showing me the main squares, streets and monuments. She obviously brought me to the famous Red Light district , known for its sympathetic ladies behind their windows. I won’t lie, this is the cringiest place I have ever been to. Anyway! As soon as we got out of this district we arrived in a street all decorated with the rainbow colours. Everybody was celebrating, having a beer in the street, dancing and singing. That’s when I understood I was going to have a nice time in this city.

The gay pride’s atmosphere made me understood how open minded and respectful the Dutch people are. Everybody was singing and dancing. Concerts where on all around the centre. The parade on the canals was also quite something! In a nutshell, I recommend you to enjoy Amsterdam’s Gay Pride once in your life!

I came back to Amsterdam two years later, working on a uni business project with my Dutch counterparts. This time was not so different even if it was in January. I felt like the same atmosphere was there. Dutch people are really friendly and welcoming. I even ended up in a small pub with one my friend drinking, singing and dancing with completely random people! The good thing about the Netherlands is that everybody speaks English and nobody minds switching to English from Dutch.

Like Shoreditch in London (cf my article about Shoreditch)  Amsterdam is also a good place if you’re a vintage clothes fan! Indeed, there are a lot of second-hand clothes shops.

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