Let’s talk about a district of London i quickly felt in love with !

Shoreditch is a north east London district located in the borough of Hackney. I knew nothing about it until some of my friends brought me there one night. They wanted to have a bite there because they knew a cheap bagel kind of restaurant called Brick Lane Beigel Bake on a famous street called Brick Lane.

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Brick lane

I had literally no idea where I was going. We were first around Liverpool Street train station, when we walked for a few minutes through several streets and we finally arrived in this so called ” Shoreditch” district.

We went through the Vintage Market and the Sunday Upmarket which were two massive covered markets. You can find anything you like there if you’re interested in vintage and/or hipster style. On the way to Brick Lane you also encounter many hipster and vintage shops.

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On the way to the core of Shoreditch

That’s what I find interesting in Shoreditch. The hipster population has gathered in this part of London which makes it quite different from any other part of the city. I really like the atmosphere there. First of all because of the graffiti on the walls but also because of peoples’ dress code as well as the cool music you can hear when walking in the streets coming out of the shops and clubs.

I went back there on my own to have a deeper look at this quirky area because I felt like I had not seen all of it! I’m glad I did so as I was right! There was so much more to see! Getting away from brick lane I discovered loads of amazing graffiti all around the place. I took some pictures of them making me look like a Japanese away from their homeland!

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