Hello to you !

Here we are again in the excitement that is each other’s company! Let me introduce you to Cahoots today.  I can hear all of you thinking “what an awkward name” or ” what the hell is that?”.

Well Cahoots is a place like no other! I had never heard of it before my boyfriend told me about it. No, it is not a secret conspiracy place nor a hidden swinger’s club, but it is actually a secret atypical underground bar located in London in Kingly Court not too far from Carnaby’s street.

Don’t even think about going there in rags, as I said I have standards,  and a proper outfit  is a matter of course.

To access this underground bar you need to book a table on their website. Once it is booked you will receive an email telling you the password to tell to the bouncer just in the entrance. I have no idea if the password changes. Our password however was to ask for the captain.

After asking for the captain, the bouncer lets you go down the stairs which lead to this amazing retro place. Everything is like nothing has changed for the past century. From the furniture, through the music to the staff outfits and it makes you feel like you’re back in the beginning of the 20th century!

At first sight you think you have a random old newspaper on the table. Nevertheless after a closer look at it you quickly figure out that it is actually the drinks menu. On the website you can point out if you are celebrating a special occasion. I was celebrating my graduation so I specified it and they brought us some free sparkling wine flutes for the occasion !


So  run to Cahoots to drink like a fish and to swing !

Cheers !