If you want to see  famous singers and bands in a short lapse of time for a reasonable price, then Main Square Festival is the place you should go!

Located in the north of France, in Arras, not far from Lille, the Main Square Festival always has a terrific line up! I’ve been there twice and I’ve had the best time there on both occassions. No matter what the weather is like you can count on the festival-goers and singers to bring a smile upon your face !


It is different from any other festival as it takes place in a historic site. Indeed, in addition to enjoying the music, food and drinks there,  you also enjoy the setting as it takes place in the citadel of Arras. You are therefore surrounded by a kind of old fortress which makes this weekend even more special.

The crowd



I won’t lie, it is a small festival as there are only two stages. But don’t be mistaken! This is actually an advantage because it allows you to move from one stage to another in a matter of minutes. This also allows you to see everybody you want to see even if two headliners are playing at the same time as the stages are close to each other.

I  really like this festival because it is really convivial. Some would say that it is how northern French people are. What for sure is; that if you go there with your best mates or loved ones, you are certain to experience a hell of a great weekend!