Angus & Julia Stone is always a pleasure to listen to. Their song  Big Jet Plane is the first song i have known that it made me want to listen to the whole album which turned out to be  a great one.

The album Angus & Julia Stone that came after Down the Way was according to me their best album. I was listening to it each time is was travelling and discovering new places on my own. Each time i listen to it it brings back a lot of nice memories.

When i  saw that they were playing in London ,when i was in Oxford, it was quite obvious that i had to see them in live. That’s what i did ! I saw the two siblings in London at the Eventim Apollo. And guess what ? That was such a great evening !

I was scared that it would be a bit namby-pamby, but quite the opposite ! Loads of opportunities to move and groove ! In addition to the quality performance, Julia kept talking to the audience which made us feel like we kind of knew her !

They played a low tempo cover of You’re the one that i want by Grease which i will probably always remember. Julia asked us to sing the chorus until she asked us a quite funny favour.  Instead of singing ” you’re the one that i want ouh ouh ouh” she asked us to replace the ouh by a oh to make it sound like santa’s ho ho ho. Here is a video filmed by somebody else at the concert to illustrate that moment.

I you like folk music and want to have a relaxed, cheerful and pleasant evening i encourage you to go and see this band as i can assure you that you won’t regret it !