It’s been many years i’ve been a faithful fan of the work of Florence Welsh and her band The Machine. I was quite excited to see them at the Main Square Festival in 2012. Even if it was raining it was a great concert. The sun came up after she sang couple of songs. Everybody was singing and dancing in the mud. Her blue dress was fluttering in the wind and moving along with Florence’s dance moves.

Seing her in live made me realise how exceptional her vocal skills are. But her voice isn’t the only thing that made her concerts great gigs. Florence is a great entertainer who involves her audience and who gives everything she can to make it crazy. She runs, she dances, she shouts, she laughs, she jokes,  she tells stories about her songs and anecdotes about her life.

I didn’t think i was going to see the crazy ginger lady and her associates again until my   ex boyfriend secretly bought tickets to see them in Dublin. (Yeah i know he was good at surprises). The Staves, that I had already seen before Angus & Julia Stone, were the supporting band singing before F&TM.

Well… it was AWESOME ! Probably my favourite concert ever! She sang all her famous hits starting with What the water gave me.  I quickly remembered how mad Flo was! She couldn’t stop dancing and running from the left side  to the right side of the stage. She had the same kind of small choreographies she does in her music videos. Sometimes she looked like she was possessed by some kind of inside demon.

The Irish audience was amazing too. Everybody knew the lyrics and was singing along with Flo. I was in such a great mood after the concert, singing along the last song and thinking about how amazing this night had been.

A big thank you to my ex Valentine again for this amazing night and nice surprise.

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