A special place for a special occasion

My graduation day was one of my favourite days ever! Indeed, after having a blast with me all day, my ex boyfriend had booked a table for two at a restaurant called Oblix in London.

Nothing too spectacular for the moment you would think! But this restaurant is located in quite a special place. Indeed, Oblix is located at the 32nd level of The Shard. I’m sure you know the Shard, the massive skyscraper in the shape of a piece of glass not too far from London Bridge! Well thanks to my ex I got the privilege to have an exquisite and lovely dinner at this outstanding establishment.

Capture d’écran 2016-04-17 à 15.52.05

I encourage you to watch this video and the next one called “The view from Oblix” to have a perfect idea of what’s the restaurant, the food and view are like. 

That was my first time in a skyscraper and I found the lift journey to the 32nd floor surprisingly short ! When we got out of the elevator we arrived in front of a front desk where a lovely lady indicated us the way to the restaurant. Oblix is split into two parts, the first one being the restaurant and the second one being a lounge bar.

Without even talking about the view, the restaurant was splendid. My date was probably worried about how much this night would have an impact on his bank account at this stage!

Everything was perfect. The service, the food, the wine, the atmosphere and obviously the view.  The view was amazing. London is a superb city but you get how much it is special when you see it from above. Nothing to reproach to this restaurant in the end, we left with a great memory.

It goes without saying that a proper outfit is requested as well as booking a table. I will not tarnish all the praise I have been doing in this article so i will not talk about the price. I will leave the surprise to you !

As we are curious we visited the lounge bar as well to have an idea of what it looked like. A woman was singing along with a pianist and a bass player. As you can see on the pictures here under it is a really nice place.


Level 32, The Shard, 31 St. Thomas Street, London SE1 9RY