Imagine how happy I was when I was told that I had to go to Milan, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf with my class for a uni project! I was f*****g excited !! Most of the people I know who have been to Milan told me they were disappointed by the city. So I didn’t really know what to expect.

After 7 hours of busing with my classmates, we finally arrived in Milan at our hostel. What do you think we did when we arrived there? We obviously looked for a bar to have a drink and chill after that horrible journey!

We arrived late and unfortunately everything was closed. We eventually found a pub still open, so we ordered some pints in plastic glasses as it was closing.  Instead of going back to the hostel to sleep, we walked through the centre at around 1AM and started to visit a bit. It was completely dead but nice to visit at night.

The next day we had to meet out Dutch, German and Italian co-workers at the catholic university. I’m glad we went there at it brought us to a district of Milan where tourists don’t usually go and also because the university is one of the oldest of Europe.

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

We just spent two days in Milan but these two days were amazing. I had great fun with my classmates and international buddies. I don’t know if I liked Milan because I was with these people or not, but I do think that it is a beautiful city. The duomo is amazing from the outside and inside but even more from the top ! I paid to go on the roof top and to walk around the roof and I didn’t regret paying for it. The view was incredible!

Other than the Duomo, the colourful Italian buildings are what I loved. They bring happiness even if it is raining. The castle and the park behind it were nice to see too. If you’re a shopaholic you’ll be happy in Milan. It is one of “the big four” fashion capitals. I didn’t get the time to explore all the stores but be sure that you’ll find something you like in Milan. Either in a famous worldwide clothes chain or in a small shop.


We obviously got some pasta and pizza! We went to a nice area called the Navigli district by the canals. It is an area full of bars and restaurants. When it’s warm and sunny I could imagine how nice it should be. Unfortunately we went there in December so there were no terraces open and everybody was getting warm inside. We enjoyed a glass of limoncello and one of my friend got a meloncello which turned out ot be quite nice as well.

Italian people are the nicest. They are welcoming and helpful. I would recommend to get a place to stay in the centre as our hostel was outside of the centre and it gets annoying and expensive when you need to walk back home at night or book a cab as the metro is not running anymore.

Well Milan was great. We enjoyed some drinks at our Dutch friends’airbnb on our last night and went back to Lyon the next day by bus. I can’t wait to go back to Italy this summer to discover Tuscany with Mr Cutie!



The view from the roof of the Duomo
The roof of the Duomo