English people and especially people from London know about what is hidden behind these two words “Winter Wonderland”. I had no idea what Winter Wonderland was before last year as it was the first time i was in the UK in December.

It sounds magical, doesn’t it ? Well it actually is kind of magical ! Let me introduce you to something that should be on your ” TO DO LIST” if you’re in London in December.

The first time i have been there was in December 2014 after spending a really nicet day in London.


I had the chance to discover a massive fairground festival and a really nice christmas market there. We didn’t do any ride as it was quite expensive and we just wanted to walk around and enjoy some food and drinks. I stopped at every stand and the one that stayed on my mind is the artifical snow stand ! A woman took my hand , put some powder in it and then poured water. The powder turned into something that looked exactly like snow. I was obviously amused like a kid !

After seeing the christmas market I got some snacks and drinks in the Bavarian area. I remember getting myself a pretzel. (Yeah food matters) It is a really nice christmas atmosphere. The lights, the music, the food, the candy-floss and mulled wine smells etc… Each time i listen to Last Christmas by Wham! it makes me think of that night at Winter Wonderland. I’m sure you know the song “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it away …” No ? Come on !

I finished the evening by drinking some glasses of mulled wine in a carousel bar. Eveybody was standing around tables located on a merry-go-round. That was probably one of my favourite days in the UK with my graduation day.

Anyway I went back there with some friends later in December and then in 2015 , and I’ve never been disappointed !


Nathalie in front of candies