English people and especially people from London know about what is hidden behind these two words “Winter Wonderland”. I had no idea what Winter Wonderland was before last year as it was the first time i was in the UK in December.

It sounds magical, doesn’t it ? Well it actually is kind of magical ! Let me introduce you to something that should be on your ” TO DO LIST” if you’re in London in December.

The first time i have been there was in December 2014 after spending a perfect day in London. My ex boyfriend was my date at the time and he brought me to this place, located in Hyde Park, to end this really nice day.


I had the chance to discover a massive fairground festival and a really nice christmas market there. We didn’t do any ride as it was quite expensive and we just wanted to walk around and enjoy some food and drinks. We stopped at every stand and the one that stayed on my mind is the artifical snow stand ! A woman took my hand , put some powder in it and then poured water. The powder turned into something that looked exactly like snow. I was obviously amused like a kid !

After seeing the christmas market we got some snacks and drinks in the Bavarian area. I remember my date getting me a pretzel. (Yeah food matters) It is a really nice christmas atmosphere. The lights, the music, the food, the candy-floss and mulled wine smells etc… Each time i listen to Last Christmas by Wham! it makes me think of that night at Winter Wonderland. I’m sure you know the song “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day, you gave it away …” No ? Come on !

We finished the evening by drinking some glasses of mulled wine in a carousel bar. I remember my ex getting a bit tipsy. I know, tipsy with mulled wine… Don’t ask!  Eveybody was standing around tables located on a merry-go-round. That was probably one of my favourite days in the UK with my graduation day. I might write an article about what happened that day as London made our date quite special.

Anyway I went back there with some friends later in december and in 2015 as well. The magic was still present but it was obvisouly different from the first time !


Nathalie in front of candies