Pretending to be one of the cleverest college student in the UK for a day !

Cambridge and Oxford are famous for their University and atypical architecture. As i was living in Oxford i also wanted to discover Cambridge to be able to decide which city is the best.


So Stephen and i went there by bus. The weather was quite annoying as it couldn’t stay steady. You know the saying , after rain comes fair weather. Well, each time the sun was coming up the rain was following , so it was a bit annoying ! Talking about the weather is something typical in France because complaining is the french national sport but it is actually very common in the UK as well. The Brits like their rain but they are still hoping for a few days of sun and warmth.

Cambridge is quite similar to Oxford. It takes around one and a half hour to get to both cities from London. The architecture is the same. The main difference is the fact that in Cambridge all the colleges are located along the River Cam whereas in Oxford they are scattered all over the town centre.


Cambridge seemed dead compared to Oxford. In Oxford there are always people walking in the streets, people shopping, people cycling, people playing guitar, dancing or singing. Cambridge made me feel like students were hiding in their room and only a few tourists where out. Maybe it was just different the day we went to Cambridge but it seems like Oxford is more lively than Cambridge.

Don’t be mistaken, Cambridge is a beautiful city which has nothing to envy to Oxford regarding its architecture. That’s what i liked in both cities. The buildings are amazing. It’s like you’re in a movie. Well some bits of Harry Potter have been filmed there after all ! I also like the fact that you find parks and gardens everywhere. The grass is lush. My dad has a lot to learn a lot from the english about how to look after the grass and maintain it green without weeds! Flowers make both cities even more beautiful.

I really enjoyed our day in Cambridge however Oxford stayed my favourite city after visiting Cambridge !




Stephen and his duck friends … Don’t ask !