Let’s have  a quick stroll in Amy Winehouse’s footprints ! 

Camden Town 

Camden Town is obviously famous for its markets and stables. It is also famous for its alternative culture. The atmosphere in Camden could be seen as “different” from the mainstream culture and that’s what i love. Camden gathers a lot of different nationalities and different cultures. You will find a lot of  punks, goths, hippies or emos there. 

I usually go to Camden for lunch. I walk through Regent’s Park and after a few minutes arrive in Camden. On the way there you can find nice graffitis, shops and restaurants.


If you take the tube you’ll get out of Camden Town tube station and you’ll arrive in the middle of Camden Town. From there you can walk up Camden Hight Street which leads you to Camden Lock and the Stable Market. Camden Hight street is one of the main attractions of Camden because of the frontages of some buildings. This street is always lively because of the crowd, the buildings, the shops ans the music that comes out from them.


Up the street you arrive at the Camden Locks. You can take the bridge over Regent’s canal and then turn left to go to the food market. I always go to Camden for the food market. There are a lot of food stands from all over the world for nice prices. I usually sit by the canal to eat far from the madding crowd. It’s a good way to discover new dishes. I remember my parents saying that they were quite impressed by the place and the mix of different smells !



Then you can go to the stables ! They transformed old stables in a market. You can litterally find anything there. Food again, but  also nice clothes shops. If you like vintage shops and second hand clothes shops you’ll find everything you need there. If you go down the stairs you’ll find tiny shops in old horses boxes.


CYBERDOG is store where every tourist goes. It’s a weird underground store where the techno music is loud and where you only find futuristic and luminescent outfits, make up or accessories. The last floor is quite interesting ! It is worth a quick tour !


The soul singer Amy Winehouse was living in Camden. That is why a statue was built and placed in Camdent Town just next to the Stables.

(The quality of the pictures isn’t that great because these pcitures were taken 2 years ago with a different camera. I’ll take new pictures with my new camera next time i’ll be there)


Kentish Town

The Borough of Camden isn’t just Camden Town. There is a lot more to see to be able to say that you know Camden inside out. There are around 18 different areas in Camden. Camden Town being the most famous. You probably know Regent’s Park, St Pancrass or King’s Cross areas.  In order to get to know Camden better I therefore wanted to visit another area of Camden and that’s why I went to Kentish Town. Kentish Town is located in the North of Camden Town. It is easily accessible from Camden Town tube station by foot. You just have to walk up Kentish Town Road. The easiest way to get there is obviously to take the tube until Kentish Town tube station but i like to walk as it is cheaper and who knows what discoveries i can make when walking around the place!

I wanted to go to Kentish Town as i was looking for some coloured buildings similar to the ones we can find in Notting Hill and Kentish Town seemed to be hiding some of them.

My first stop was Bonny Street. To get there you go down Camden Road, turn left on Camden street, cross the bridge over Regent’s canal and then turn right on Bonny Street.  I found this street quite funny as only the lower part of the facade is painted. The rest is made of dark bricks. All the street is dark except these colourful facades.

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My next stop was Kelly Street. It takes around 10 minutes to go to Kelly Street from Camden Town tube station. If you come from Bonny Street  you just have to come back on Camden Street and walk up to the end of the street until you arrive on Kentish Town Street. From there you just need to walk up Kentish Town Road and at some point on the left you will find this cute street with colourful facades. All the houses have only one floor. Their windows are cute and all the palm trees, flowers and bushes make it a really nice neighbourhood.

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Finally my last stop in Kentish Town is Falkland road. This street i located just North of Kentish Town tube station. The architecture isn’t really impressive but the colours of the buildings, the bushes, flowers, leaves and trees make it also a really nice street.

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That was my last stop planned for the day but as I like discovering places and taking pictures I walked around and discovered other nice houses and streets. From Falkland Road you can take Leverton Street and if you are lucky you will probably be able to take the same cool picture with the van parked in front of the pink house. I hope you liked this article. I hope it will help some of you to discover new places. I will complete it next time I make discoveries in some other parts of Camden!

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