Constant desire of new horizons

I’ve been studying in Lyon for two years now and I’ve tried a few places where to go for a drink or a bite. There are many nice places in Lyon and I could talk about several of them but I’m choosing to  write a few words on Le Mumbai café. The question that comes to you is “Why did he choose this place?”!

Well the answer is easy! I like trying new dishes and experimenting new flavours and this place is a great place to do so.

I have always been used to traditional French cuisine. I’m a true Burgundian if you know what i mean ! I eat mustard with my meat, drink wine probably every week and like cheesy dishes or dishes cooked in sauce. However, being in the UK for a year changed a bit my customs and habits concerning food. I got used to spicy dishes as well as asian food. And dont be mistaken,  that’s a good thing !!

This is my last year in uni, in a  new class with new people and I quickly found out who I was going to spend the year with. My two favourite fellow classmates nicely invited me to diner with some other friends on a thursday evening in a place so called “Le Mumbai Café”. I had no idea where the place was and what kind of food I was going to eat but I gladly accepted the invitation.

I therefore went there at 8pm. Le Mumbai Café is located rue Sainte Catherine, just behind the Place des Terreaux. I knew this street quite well as I’ve had aready been to several bars and pubs in the street, but I never noticed this restaurant. So it was quite a surprise to found out where it was !

I entered a nice and warm room. A large bar on the left, a long high table in the middle and several tables in the back of the room. I liked the interior design as almost everything is made in wood. Our table was the last one on the right just next to the kitchen. It was therefore quite nice to see the chef cooking.

We got some red wine jugs from Côtes du Rhône and ordered a massive platter for 6 people. When i say massive, I mean it. We couldn’t even finish it ! We left with doggy bags. The platter was an assortment of different typical asian dishes. If I remember well most of them where from Nepal and Vietnam. We had different meats with different spices and sauces. (I unfortunately don’t have any good pictures of the meats but they were gorgious and served aside) We also had different salads and vegetables and everything comes with cheeasy kind of flatbread. I don’t know if those were nan bread or pita.  I won’t describe everything else as the pictures speak from themselves.  I can’t even remember one third of the names ! There was no Pork so you can come there with anyone who doesn’t eat pork.

Everything was well cooked, tasty and savoury. So many spices and herbs !! Thinking about it makes me hungry and makes me want to go back there as soon as possible !!!

It’s probably best to call the restaurant in advance to book a table as there aren’t many tables ! 


(Pictures are taken from the web, except the two last ones which are mine and my friend’s one)