London’s oldest Market

Let me introduce you to my favourite market in London which is usually seen as London’s most renowned food and drink Market. I haven’t been to many markets in London yet but this one particularly caught my attention when I was looking for places to visit in London. Borough Market is located in Southwark in central London. It’s basically next to London Bridge tube station. If you are coming from Monument you just need to cross London Bridge and the entrance of the market will be on your right.

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Before even speaking about the different stands let’s have a look at the specific character of this place. Most of the market is hidden under kind of railway viaduct. You can feel the ground shaking each time a train is using the viaduct. The architecture makes me think of some of our French covered markets built in metal in the 19th century. However the market is older than this period! According to my readings, this market has been exisitng since the Middle Ages!!

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We have nice markets in France, with the best products on Earth (I know I’m biased!) but I have to say that Borough Market has nothing to envy to our French markets. It is true that you can find a lot of fine French products on Borough Market but you also find exquisite products from all over the UK and other countries. Many of the Market’s stallholders are themselves producers. The farmers, fishermen or bakers sell their own fresh products. That’s probably why I love this market because you can find so many products from different places of the world as well as traditional british products and taste most of them. It’s a quite an international market which reflects London’s status as a truly global city.

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“Borough Market is a riot of colours, smells and human engagement”. If you are used to going on markets you know how it is like. The traders shout and sing to attract customers. They offer you samples to try and taste. Music is coming out the stalls. You can ask questions to the traders who will nicely answer your questions and give you explanations about their products. It’s for me an enjoyable moment even if you don’t buy anything. The mix of smells and odours added to the superb looks of the stalls and products will probably make you concede in trying and buying some food. You obviously have to try some charcuterie, cheese or typical foreign dish made there.

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I always try food samples each time I can but it’s never enough to stuff my face. Each time I have been there I have tried different pastas at La Tua Pasta to be full for a while. They make delicious homemade pastas with tasty sauces and cheese. Last time I went there I discovered that my ex’s brother’s company had a stall in the market. It’s called East London Liquor Company. They make delicious Gin, Rum or even Vodka. Don’t hesitate to have a look at their stand or to go to their store and distillery near Victoria Park!!

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Other than the stalls you can find bars and restaurants at the market. Everything is always crowded which makes it a quite lively and convivial atmosphere. I strongly recommend you to go there at least once in your life if you are in London. That is a much more interesting experience than waiting in the cold to see the Changing of the Guard!

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