A few words about Mr Henry

This is an article a bit different than what I usually write about. A friend of mine, Laurine, who also has a very nice blog called Nuance de vert, challenged me to take part in the Liebster Award. This challenge will allow me to let you know a bit more about who I am.

Laurine and I enjoying tea in Oxford

First, let me tell you about 11 little stories about myself.


#1I am from a French region called Burgundy and even though I would like to leave France as soon as I finish my studies it is a region which means a lot to me, which has an impact on my culture and tastes and probably one of the most beautiful French region.

#2- I have lived in the UK for one year and this year abroad made me realise that I wanted to go back there to find a job and live there again. I feel better in the UK than in France even if French is my mother tongue and if I know a lot more about France and the French culture and habits.

#3– I have played handball for 10 years until I  had to stop because of my studies. However I am going to the gym now every week and I love it!! I also try to eat healthy. Eating sensibly and doing some cardio and weight training is making my body stronger, fitter and healthier which is quite motivating!

#4- I never got the chance to go outside of Europe yet. However I try to travel as much as I can to close destinations and I try to go back to places I have already been to, to get to know them inside out. I’m beginning to know Paris, London or Amsterdam quite well.

#5- I have a good memory when it comes to remembering music. I have always been interested in the music field. Discovering artists or songs that nobody knows, watching video clips or being able to attend concerts are things that I love doing. People usually want me in their team when we want to do blind tests ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

#6- I am a seriesholic. I watch a lot of series. I don’t have a favourite type of series. I watch english, american or french series. From Game of Thrones, though Stranger things to The Queen or Broadchurch. I use a practical app called TV Show Time to know what I need to watch.

#7- I am always motivated! Probably too much my friends would say! I like making the most of every moment whether I am visiting a place alone or spending a weekend with my friends. I don’t like wasting my time and regret things. That is why I always find motivation to enjoy everything. I have been to concerts on my own or  traveled to places on my own when nobody could come with me and I have always ended up meeting people and enjoying my time with them.

#8- I am not scared of anything. It might sound a bit cocky or arrogant but it’s the truth. A lot of things stress me and make me anxious but none of them properly scare me. I like taking challenges and the feeling of being able to do something that stresses me out is the best of all! Talking about my sexual orientation, speaking English in front of people, having a chat with a stranger for instance are thing that I was kind of scared to do. I realised that  manning up and being confident is the key to happiness and success in life!

#9- I usally am good to keep in touch with people. I don’t like losing friends or not knowing what’s happening in some people’s life even if they moved away and are not giving any news. I have fucked up once or twice by losing contact with great friends and I quickly regretted it and made sure it would not happen again. I always end up having news from a lot of people. Each time I go to a place I try to see as many people I know as I can even if I am not close to these people. It’s always nice to keep in touch and maintain good relations.

#10- I am not really good at expressing my feelings. It takes a while to know me and it gets even longer to get close to me. I don’t open easily even to friends. I don’t give compliments and I hardly take them!! However, I have lately realised that I should talk more as it makes me feel better, makes things easier and avoid wasting time in a lot of situations.

#11- My dream would be to find a job in London, find a nice flat there, meet the Prince Charming to share my adventures with and enjoy every bit of what the future is going to be made of!!!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Now that I have tried to find little anecdotes which define a bit more myself I have to reply to 11 questions that  Laurine asked me!


#1- What is your favourite dish to cook? 

I won’t lie, I am more used to eating other’s delicious meals than cooking them. However I like cooking from time to time. I think my favourite dish to cook is poached eggs in red wine sauce. Probably because I have tried it a few times and it is always a pleasure to share a typical Burgundy dish. I like how the smell of the sauce makes me hungry when cooking. The challenge is to make the sauce a bit thick and cook the egg runny.

#2- What is the vegetarian dish that you prefer to eat? 

I am not a veggie but I like eating vegetarian sometimes. The first dish that comes to my mind is vegetarian lasagnas. I like vegetables and they make lasagnas nice and different. Sometimes I don’t even think that you usually have meat in them.

#3- Which environmental friendly action do you often forget to do? 

I can’t think of anything that I often forget to do. I think my parents taught me good since I was a kid. Probably to prevent me from making them waste money though. I help to recycle, I am careful with the heating, electricity in general and water. I also am careful about the way I drive.

#4- Which  environmental friendly action are you the best at?

I am quite good at switching the lights off, lightening them only when needed and also using only the minimum of water needed when showering, washing the dishes or brushing my teeth. I guess I am good at those things because my mum always told me off if I was wasting water or electricity!!

#5- Could you dress with second hand clothes only?

I think I would not mind dressing with second hand clothes. I actually do have clothes that I bought in second hand clothes stores in Amsterdam. I like finding clothes in vintage shops sometimes. As long as the clothes suit me and are still in good shape!

#6- What is your favourite French brand? Why? 

That’s a good question! Most of French brands I like are too expensive for me. Le Slip Français is one of them for instance. My favourite would probably be L’Occitane because they make good quality products with nice smells. Their products stay affordable. I like their stores, packaging and I like the image of that they convey. I also like the fact that they managed to be  famous in other countries and managed to  set up stores all over the world. I’m probably just proud to see that French companies are able to make it outside of France! I’m also happy to see their shop when I travel, it’s like I have a bit of France anywhere I go!

#7- Which language would like to learn?

There are many languages I would like to learn. I have learned chinese for two years and I unfortunately had to stop. I should have continued. I think italian is a language I have always wanted to speak and is the one I would like to learn at the moment. Arabic, Portuguese and Chinese are also languages that I would love to be able to understand and speak.

#8- Which was your favourite trip and why?

I loved every of my trips. One of my favourite was going to Tuscany with my ex boyfriend. Italy is beautiful and the weather was great. We visited , walked a lot and enjoyed the food. I keep a good memory of this trip. However I think my favourite trip was going to Scotland with some friends. Visiting Scotland was great especially was this team! I really enjoyed traveling with friends and I am looking forward to do it again. We had good laughs, we were able to speak english to the locals and Scotland if a beautiful place.

#9- Could you live abroad all your life? 

I could definitely live abroad all my life. That is probably what I am going to do. I have an international kind of profile and living abroad is something that I love. I love France and will keep coming back to my favourite places and visit my friends and family but I think I would be happier abroad. There are so many countries on Earth, why would I restrain myself in living in the one where I was born? !

#10- Which is your main talent? 

I would not say that I am talented at anything… I don’t draw, I don’t sing, I don’t play any instrument, I don’t build or repare things nor I play any sport. Let’s say I am good at staying positive and make people laugh. I think I have a great sense of humour as well as an open mind which allow me to be a fun person to be around! Okay that might be a bit pretentious!!

#11- Which talent would like to have? 

I think I would like to be able to have better skills at dancing. I guess it sounds really gay and if some of my friends read this they will be like “God help him, he wants to be a Diva now!” I would just love to know how to dance Tango, Salsa or even Rock N Roll properly because I find it cool and fun.  I would also like to have the dancing talent when going to a club or dancing at a party. Sometimes I look at people dancing and I wish I could have the groove in me!

KODAK Digital Still Camera

To finish this Liebster Award I should select my favourite blogs and ask to the bloggers to answer some questions. However I don’t really follow other blogs. Most of the blogs I follow are my friends’ blogs and they have already been asked to do this Liebster Award challenge. It therefore does not make any sense to me to find blogs I am not used to read and ask them questions. Sorry for not finishing the Liebster Award properly!

It was nevertheless nice to do it. Thanks again to Laurine for picking me!!

Feel free to visit her blog!! Nuance de vert