On the move

Mumbai Café

It's a good place for a dinner with friends to enjoy asian flavours and spices. Hope you will like it !!



Pisa, a beautiful town in Tuscany where you can spend a lovely day.


There is a lot to see in the Borough of Camden to be able to say that you know Camden inside out. Let's discover Camden together !

Notting Hill

If you're in London, Notting Hill should be on your "to do list" ! The architecture there is amazing !


A few words on Paddington , an another part of London i got the chance to visit.

Chateauneuf – Burgundy

Chateauneuf is a small medieval village you should see if you're in Burgundy.


A few words on my day in Cambridge. It is a beautiful town but Oxford will always be my favourite !

Winter Wonderland

A place you should go to in winter in London. Thinking about it even makes me smile ! You'll understand why in this article 😉


Most people don't really enjoy their time in Milan but for some reasons i really liked my stay there ! This article should help you to understand why !

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